Sarawak, Borneo is well known for its incredible rainforest, culture, flora & fauna, also a home to many tribes and indigenous people whom have been hunting and farming for generations. One of the traditions that have been practiced for generations is paddy planting. Sarawak is blessed with myriad of authentic indigenous rice varieties of different color, aroma, taste and shape which is a staple food for the locals.

The indigenous rice such as the Bario rice, Bajong purple rice, Bali Keladi, Etem black rice and the Bireh red rice are among the hundreds of rice variety available in Sarawak.

The Challenges

However, Sarawak’s local paddy production have been declining in decades due to the increase of urbanization, modernization, lack of infrastructure and socio-economy factors.

The younger generations are not interested in planting paddy because they think it is not a profitable business. Most paddy farmers are elderly whom are slowly retiring due to old age and physical restriction. Hence, these unique rice may eventually disappear from this beautiful land in 20 to 30 years if we fail to create the interest among younger generation.

Antares Ventures is inspired to bring economic empowerment and sustainability to the rural farmers and local paddy industry of Sarawak, Borneo.

With the brand name, ‘Kenyalang’, we work closely with various locals in efforts to preserve the paddy planting traditions with effective modern marketing. Therefore, enabling the rural farmers to bring unique produces to a larger market and increases their household income and livelihood.

Our Goals and Vision

1. To prosper the rural paddy farmers of Sarawak, Borneo.

2. To grow and preserve the paddy planting traditions and activities of Sarawak.

Our CSR Effort: Our Farmers

Antares Ventures Sdn Bhd strives to create a platform for the rural farmers to bring their unique authentic rice to a larger audience, thus enabling better market exposure. This in turn shall benefit the farmers in adding to their household income and reducing poverty among the rural farmers.

Our Farmers

At Antares Ventures, we work together with our various rural farmers from the Bidayuh tribe (Sea Dayaks), Iban tribe (Land Dayak) and from the highlands of Northeastern of Sarawak, the Kelabit tribe and Lunbawang tribe.

Using traditional paddy planting practices, our farmers grow their own unique, heirloom rice and grains annually. Thus , allowing their paddy fields sufficient time to regenerate and ensuring that each rice harvest produces are of the highest quality.

  • Bario Rice (by the Kelabit tribe)

  • Bajong Purple Rice (by the Iban tribe)

  • Bali Keladi Purple Rice (by the Iban tribe)

  • Bireh Red Rice (by the Bidayuh tribe)

  • Adan Rice (by the Lun Bawang)

  • Sia' Red Rice (by the Lun Bawang)

  • Etem Black Rice (by the Lun Bawang)

  • Borneo Fragrant Rice

  • Sarawak Red Hill Rice

In order to achieve our vision and mission, we work with several partners that share the same values in empowering the rural farmers and supporting the growth of Sarawak’s paddy industry . These partnerships also allow bigger market opportunities for the local indigenous rice of Sarawak.