Kenyalang proud ourselves with the tagline " A Grain of Hope", where we serve the authentic Sarawak's Indigenous rice.  Our authenticity will continue to be shared to Malaysians and the world. 


Kenyalang by Antares Ventures came about by being inspired and driven to bring economic empowerment to the local indigenous rice industry and rural farmers of Sarawak.

While preserving the traditional practice of the local paddy planting activities, we also believe in supporting its growth and sustainability by incorporating effective modern marketing, as well as prosper our various local farmers' household income and livelihood.


Baby's Grains

Our newest product is grains for baby which we have the suitable grains to make baby's food. 

Baby Porridge.

Our baby porridge is introduced to fill the market with easy-to make porridge. 

Purple Rice Vermicelli

Our vermicelli is made according to international standard. Our vermicelli have various type with different delicious taste. 

Quality & Reliability

Antares Ventures Sdn. Bhd. always ensured the quality and the authenticity of our rice is at high level. Our company's commitment to produce high-grade and quality products have become our main pillar in establishing this company. This means that every step in the manufacture of Kenyalang’s product line complies with quality standards. 

Our standard operating procedure will ensure that all staff members are aware and in compliance with the requirements in order to provide only the best quality products to our consumers.

Export Commitment

Antares Ventures Sdn. Bhd. is committed in partnering with many authority agencies in bringing Sarawak's Rice Products to many countries in order to highlighting and help introducing the authenticity of Sarawak's Rice to the world.